The Story

Bedford is the textbook definition of small town. A little slice of a Norman Rockwell burg that time chose to ignore, where the fences come in only the white, picket variety and everyone knows everyone. Beneath that veneer, however, lies a series of… unfortunate deaths, some accidents, some clearly not. With no apparent connection between these deaths, this premature reaper has come to be known within the town lore as The Bedford Devil. Many even assume that it’s just that: lore.

That is until a detective believes he has the evidence to prove that the Bedford Devil is a person, or at least one of three local teens he’s narrowed down as suspects in his interrogation room.

The problem is, they’re all trying to take credit for it.

Could it be Dale, the town’s redneck criminal in waiting? Or maybe it’s Dale’s exceptionally stupid toady friend, Toady. And why does the lineup even include middle-class, straight A, every-girl Jenny? Could the Detective be a suspect? Could the Detective be a total idiot? Could the Bedford Devil even be a person?

Yes, to all those questions, except not to the sentences that weren’t questions, but probably yes to those, too, if you were going to make them questions.

Written by Neil Gobioff & Shawn Paonessa, The Bedford Devil is a twisted, surrealistic dark comedy that constantly flips between a Twilight Zone homage and a Kids in the Hall nightmare. The Bedford Devil also marks Kitefliers Studios’ first short narrative film.